Surreal Art by Lenny

Lenny is a self-taught European-born artist. His artworks are thought-provoking and full of creative, fun, enigmatic illusion. Lenny's art has appeared in art galleries, magazines, books, and art shows. His work is collected by private collectors, art lovers and businesses throughout the U.S. and Europe.


Welcome to the spellbinding and electrifying world of Lenny’s art. Feel free to browse the website and visit our online store. Trying to describe Lenny's art is like trying to describe dreams. His surreal, sensual artworks express basic emotions and tap into the intricate human web. Lenny's art possesses a futuristic quality and a haunting beauty. Artworks are not planned. They are purely intuitive. A selection reflecting Lenny's art from the past ten years has been published in limited edition. These limited edition lithographs and giclees are available signed and certified for those souls who have been touched by Lenny's art.

Artworks from Lenny's "Chess World" Series were used as stage decorations in European theater and musical shows. The artist has designed many amazing books and projects. Please inquire with us about Lenny's Limited Edition giclees on canvas.

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About the Artist

Lenny is a contemporary surrealist artist. He loves giving free reign to his endless imagination. Lenny’s surreal landscape paintings focus on the properties of light and color, and have a serene beauty despite their vivid detail. Different viewers perceive diverse meaning in Lenny's work. Some have particular favorite compositions which remind them of places they've been to or other elements they can personally relate to. Lenny infuses his art with unique skills and vision resulting in fresh works. His art leaps over traditional boundaries, creating tantalizing mystique which appears so realistic that viewers feel as if the subjects inside the paintings will reach out and touch them.

Due to Lenny's disillusionment with the logical side of reality, he found himself drawn to surrealism because it is a style of art in which fantastic imagery from the subconscious mind is used without any intention of making the work logically comprehensible. He is self-taught and pursues his vision with great passion. Lenny's infinite imagination results in ever new, delightful compositions. His art has captured images of the subconscious mind and brought it to the surface for us to see. Lenny has always been intrigued by archetypes and symbolism of the collective psyche.



Lenny’s art often evokes strong emotions and it possesses universal appeal. Lenny's work is itself a universe. He is always working on different series, and his art is a testament to his commitment to embracing new and challenging subjects. Lenny's paintings weave together our conscious with our subconscious. It is with great enthusiasm that art lovers anticipate the vision of Lenny's art for years to come.

Artist's Statement

Shifting perspectives are like those moments within dreams where reality changes to unreality, or where scenes or meanings alter suddenly. All viewers are encouraged to interpret the meaning behind my artworks from their own perspective. Most of my art comes from my dreams, free of the conscious control of reason. I'm a channel between dreams and reality.

Surrealism cannot truly be understood by a dispassionate viewing of its artworks and other cultural byproducts. To understand, appreciate and benefit from surrealism, one must embrace its philosophy, practice its methods and accept it wholly into one's life. Surrealism is not a style of art, but a way of life. I am not a surrealist artist, but a surrealist who happens to be an artist.



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